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How did we manage Events Before- and After-Corona?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic was a huge shock for everyone. I mean who could have forecasted such a huge event in our lives. If someone told you in January 2020 that people would be wearing masks worldwide because of some potential lethal disease, you would think they are crazy.

But here we are, at a time where we from now on will say, Before-Corona and After-Corona.

What has changed… a lot!

But I would like to focus on our expertise which is networking and events. Anyone who was organizing events for a living had the shock of their life. Within a very short time frame everyone had to evaluate what they were able to carry to the digital world. Luckily Webinars and similar events took off big time. Even in times of social distancing, it was possible through video conference providers, to deliver information to a group of people. With many benefits for both sides, I will go into detail about this here: (LINK).

But what’s the drawback here? Isn’t everyone happy? You have the side which delivers information and you have the side which receives it. Well yes, but only the delivering side knows who is on the receiving side. Lets say 50 people are watching a webinar, none of them know who is there and they also have no chance to communicate with them directly. In a conventional seminar or workshop you would have your registration, your coffe break, lunch break or maybe also a cocktail or dinner to meet and discuss ideas and impressions and to network. So there is the hole in all the solutions which are available for now. What is the Solution?


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