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Benefits of a Randomly Automated Speed Networking Solution

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Some people are born for networking. These type of people see and identify everyone at an event as an inviting contact which is surely only just waiting to be approached and talked to. These people are confident and have no second thoughts about saying Hi and starting a conversation. But lets be honest, these people are in the minority. Even they are somehow limited by the natural conversation length to meet more than 3 people at any given event. Still they are on the lucky side.

Then we have the majority who don’t mind to talk to people, but will not be necessarily the first one to strike up a conversation or walk over to the next table and say Hi. Especially not if there is already a group formed and they are having a vivid conversation. Some may say what do I have to contribute to that happy group of people. Feels much more comfortable to just stand here and drink my warm coffee, someone will eventually come by and say Hi to me.

And then we have the sort of people who would probably rather fight a full grown Drogon (for those who are not familiar with GOT it’s a dragon) instead of going up to people and talk to them.

Well I’ve got good news for all of them! With the digital speed networking solution of Plus2 it becomes easier for all of them. You don’t have to come up with an approachment strategy, you don’t have to physically move, there are no happy groups of people whose circle seems unpenetrable. You also don’t have to think of an exit strategy if your chat partner is not as interesting. The timer will do that for you. You will never worry about forgetting your business cards, you create them digital. You can always follow up since you have their contacts.


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