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Digital Speed Networking

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

So where we were…people are able to listen to a speaker but cannot meet and interact with each other. Should you put them manually into different virtual rooms? It won’t work, believe me. If you put more than two people in one room either no one says anything or it’s a complete communication disaster. But what if you combine a few tools and create a digital speed networking opportunity.

Imagine magically you are being paired with someone and you have a defined time frame in which you can exchange your virtual business card and get to know the person. If we go further in this idea and imagine that this process would continue automatically and we meet a new random person everytime we are matched newly we have a digital speed networking platform.

And in our opnion our solution with Plus2 fills the hole, which I was pointing to in my previous article. Finally the receiving side will be able to interact with everybody else who is watching. And not in a group but in a one to one meeting where communication is much easier.


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