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How to turn your Webinars into Networking Events?

Webinars have become more popular than ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic broke out. It has become a means to replace the “Old-School” Seminars and Events we used to attend. But one thing a webinar cannot replace is the Coffee Break, the Cocktail or the Dinner where you can meet new people and talk about the content of the Seminar or the Speaker.

Webinars in general are just not engaging and not interactive. It is one Person listening and watching another Person on the screen.

Turn webinar to networking event
Webinars as we know - not engaging and not interactive

But consider this, just as in the physical Event Times, there is a group of people having the same Interest in one specific topic. So they actually have a lot to talk about and most likely meaningful connections can be made.

So, how can you turn your Webinar into an engaging, interactive Networking Event?

Include a virtual speed networking solution during the breaks or in the end.

No matter if you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams you can incorporate a Plus2 virtual Speed Networking session.If you offer a virtual speed networking session during a break you will really wake up your audience, when they randomly get connected with the other attendees of your Webinar.The excitement of not knowing who they will meet in each round will truly deliver a good dosage of adrenaline and fun.Your Webinar will be far away from disengaging and dull.

Also your audience will be able to exchange ideas and views about the content of your Webinar and it will give them a whole other experience.

If you decide to surprise your audience with a virtual Speed Networking possibility at the end of your webinar, after they have absorbed all the information. They can meet with other people from the audience and exchange their digital business cards, which Plus2 offers.


If you want to turn your webinar into a networking event, as it was in the physical version, you can do this simply by using the virtual speed networking solution from us. Basically you are bringing back the coffee break to the webinars.

Your audience will appreciate you for offering them the most innovative solution which is available right now. Your audience will be able to meet new people again, share their ideas and make connections by exchanging their business cards.

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