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How to beat Zoom Fatigue with virtual speed networking?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I could also ask you this: What's your favorite part of old-fashioned meetings and seminars? Is it the coffee break? Is it the dinner, where you get that break from routine and meet new people? Or is it the opportunity to talk one on one with your colleagues?

What is "Zoom Fatigue"?

Zoom Fatigue is described as basically the excessive abundance of online meetings, set up one after the other. Since you do not have to travel physically to attend a meeting nowadays, you also do not lose anymore time on the way to the meeting and you can efficiently set up one meeting after the other.

Sounds good but in reality it causes people to lose focus, and boredom and fatigue settles in.

How to beat Zoom Fatigue with virtual speed networking
"Zoom Fatigue" in post Covid-19 era
I agree with the argument, that numerous meetings and webinars are the main cause of the fatigue, but I also believe that the lack of interaction is a big contributor to the so called “Zoom Fatigue”.

Enter the post Covid-19 standard webinar era: One person talks, 50 are listening.

If the speaker is not extremely talented to entertain and also deliver know how, soon the attention of everybody drifts off and you start to multitask. Things like answer a phone call and soon you are not paying attention anymore.

Multpliy this times 3 or 5 and you know what Zoom fatigue means.

Also, the anatomy of a meeting has changed drasticaly.

All meetings used to have a before, during and after. The before and during coffee break and the after get together or dinner.

These were all opportunities, where you could meet and greet people and stay entertained, network and stay interactive. Not everyone is comfortable cracking a joke in the presence of 50 people online. But in a one on one meeting, you are more encouraged to tell jokes, even if they can backfire.

The interactive and networking component, which was given in physical events and meetings is gone.

So how do you beat Zoom Fatigue with virtual speed networking?!

The answer to beat Zoom fatigue is introducing an interactive element into online meetings. But how?

Through a virtual speed networking session with Plus2

Organizing a virtual speed networking event is easier than ever before.

Much better: virtual speed networking with Plus2 is as close to real life speed networking as nothing else before.

Attendees can even exchange business cards during their 1-on-1 chats. Your chat partner is supposed to accept the request. Just like in real life.

The exciting thing about virtual speed networking with Plus2 is the randomness of meeting people. You are not sure who is next and believe me this keeps you awake and full of adrenaline!

Virtual speed networking to beat Zoom Fatigue
A virtual speed networking event hosted on Plus2

The automated component takes away the pain of approaching people and starting a conversation. This can be especially for introverted people a big pain.

Also ending a conversation is now not rocket science anymore. It used to be that you had to work on a smooth exit plan while you have to keep up the conversation, but now Plus2 takes care of that for you.

The Feedback we get from our users is that it is a very fun and freshening element, which you can easily introduce into all your webinars or online meetings.


An important element of the Zoom fatigue problem is the lack of the one to one interaction between people. A virtual speed networking session through Plus2 can raise adrenaline levels, wake people up and freshen up the dull standard experience of online meetings .

Therefore go to our website, and request your free demo from the founders directly. If you like this blog and agree, please feel free to comment and share. Thanks for reading.


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