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Kyle Lady

Conference Organizer

IEEE HKN Experience

Plus2 was able to connect conference attendees from around the world in a dynamic, engaging speed networking session. It was incredibly easy to set up a session and invite participants. Connections were high-quality and clear, with quick transitions to the next pairing. The session sidebar content allowed us to display our sponsor logo and some icebreaker questions to jumpstart conversations. The generated business card files that immediately opens in a local viewer make a great way for anyone—students, retirees, and professionals—to quickly exchange contact information. I appreciate that the Plus2 client is built on open technology that allows any web client to join without needing to install a third-party platform or create an account. I'm looking forward to using Plus2 for my next speed networking event, now that I have a solution that doesn't require manual effort or substantial custom development effort.

Santiago Chaves

Academic Director

Bogota International Film Festival

PLUS2 was the platform we chose for a Speed Networking event in our most recent edition (wich was hold virtually). This event was really important for us because as it was the only chance for all the atendees to get to know someone new beside their workshop partners. 

The platform was really easy to set up; we could use our brand and personalize it. Our young talents were surprised with the activity and overall it was a productive and exciting event for everyone involved. We had other platforms for webinars or virtual classrooms but only PLUS2 offered the features needed to translate an speed dating event experience  without any hassle; as an event organizer I do appreciate that. 

I strongly believe in PLUS2 as a useful tool for networking, it's fit for academic and business purpousals.  I am eager to try it again and keep connecting people in this challenging enviroment.

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